Pre-press equipment:
CTP Line (Computer to Plate) FUJI for the automatic production of plates.
  Post-press equipments:
SCHNEIDER-SENATOR programmable 92 Guillotine;
POLAR 92 Guillotine;
GUK 50/70 cmFolding Machine;
DUPLO 30/42 cm Folding Machine;
HEIDELBERG 50/70 cm Slitter;
Magazine counter MULLER-MARTINI with 8 posts;
UV Coater AURELIA 70/100 cm;
UV Oven GIARDINA 4 lamps UV x 10.000 W;
Folio and Emboss Machine HEIDELBERG 25/35 cm;
Creasing Machine 35/50 cm;
Sewing Machine;
Boxes Sticking Machine Vega Minor.
Printing machines:
KOMORI LITHRONE S29 with five color groups, 50/70 cm;
HEIDELBERG GTO Z with two color groups, 35/50 cm;
HEIDELBERG GTO with one color group, 32/46 cm.
Human Resources  
Professional craftsmen build what is TIPOMAR today. They are all true masters of their skills and have come to embrace a passion for originality and beliefs incorporated as core values.